Juicer squeezes the most out of the social web, providing brands and developers with a customised way to collect, measure and analyse peoples interactions. Here's how...

The Problem For Brands

Every day people are interacting with, chatting about and broadcasting information surrounding your brand...

The difference between the Things You Do and the Things You'd Love To Know About

The Solution

  1. You tell us where to look

    Facebook, twitter, your website, google analytics... or anywhere else

  2. You tell us what to track

    Mentions of your brand, an event, a TV show... or anything else

  3. We give you the juice

    Meaning from the mess - tools to analyse and measure

Juicer Apps - The Benefits

So, what can you do with the Juice? By monitoring the top social networks where conversations occur, Juicer makes it easy for you to view the entire picture of what's happening. Once you've set Juicer up you can use the 'juice' in many ways with Juicer apps.

Juicer is a completely customised service. Because no two brands have identical needs, no two Juicer reports are ever the same. Customised reporting starts with a human conversation - you tell us exactly what areas of the social web you're interested in and we'll setup a customised report as a one off, or as a regular ongoing campaign.

As an example, reports can include:

  • Customer sentiment
  • Brand mentions
  • Comparison of networks
  • Reach, engagement and growth figures
  • Performance over time
  • Interaction tracking (likes, watches etc)

Staying on top of what people are saying about your service is crucial, that's why Juicer tracks your online presence in real-time. Our servers never sleep and can scale to cope with however much people are saying about your brand at a moments notice.

The Juicer real-time service could be used to:

  • Power displays at events
  • Monitor for sudden changes in activity
  • Provide live context streams on websites
  • Allow customer support staff to track emerging issues

Juicer makes it effortless to enrich your online platform by providing simple widgets that can be customised and embedded within any HTML page. With a growing library of widgets, Juicer lets you get up and running in minutes. And for those who require more power, the Full API is available.

Plug 'n' play widgets, ready for your site:

  • Recent comments, tweets, photos etc...
  • Sentiment and activity graphs
  • Tag clouds of popular words
  • Reach and activity stats

If you need more power, whether it's to create a custom widget or even power an entire application, Juicer has you covered. Our API, the very same one that powers all of our widgets and reports, is available to your business (or others on your behalf) for bespoke development.

The Juicer platform supports:

  • Access to raw data within Juicer (comments, tweets, links etc...)
  • The ability to add support for unusual data sources
  • A distributed MapReduce engine for performing custom queries very quickly

We can "drop in" new functionality very rapidly, so Juicer is always ready for your next big idea.